About Us

True Home Inspections offers more than your average home inspection. We use infrared imaging, aerial inspections, and other tools to be sure every house has been thoroughly checked from top to bottom, and we’ll always bring in additional expertise if we think the home requires it.

Our background in structural inspections makes us uniquely qualified to find inherent problems with the home’s overall construction. Anyone can find a leak or a collapsed foundation, but we can see the structural issues that will eventually cause overarching structural problems in five years’ time.

Above all, we’re committed to integrity. We’ve heard clients ask if we could leave an item off the report and sellers who ask us to ‘forget’ to mention a large flaw that could lower the price. We don’t conduct our business that way, and we do everything we can to make sure our clients can trust our findings. When you get a report from True Home Inspections, we guarantee we’ve done everything in our power to find everything there is to know about that property.

Tom Gibson

Before founding True Home Inspections, Tom spent 30 years doing structural inspections for large commercial and industrial projects. He can spot a slightly-askew support beam from 50 yards, and he’s found the skills he earned in enormous building projects have served him well on the smaller scale of home inspection.