Forensic Inspection

In keeping with our commitment to honesty, we should say up front that very few people need a forensic inspection. They’re expensive, they’re time consuming, and for most people, they’re not a good investment.

So why do we offer them? Because for some people, that expensive investment can save them millions.
Generally we offer forensic inspections for a property with a very high value, and/or properties that have seen a suspicious shift in their price between one sale and the next. For example, if a home that was offered for $10 million in 2010 is being offered for $6 million in 2012, why is the seller willing to take that loss? When a buyer sees suspicious activity or simply wants to be sure they’re making a wise investment, a forensic inspection can provide that assurance.

A forensic inspection involves bringing in a team of experts that might include structural engineers, architects, and other top trade professionals to evaluate the property on multiple merits. The client determines what parts of the property they want inspected and what potential factors need to be investigated. All forensic inspections are therefore custom jobs, which means their pricing and the time constraints will vary.

We’ll bring in architects, engineers, and top trade professions to inspect at their professional level and collaborate their findings, including a full assessment of the solutions to any problems they’ve identified. Their inspections will include non-destructive testing and in some cases, laboratory testing. It includes a complete study of the property from foundation to rooftop, as well as surrounding property. This level may also include outbuildings like swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities.

We agree on all portions of the property to be inspected and the type of inspection with the client beforehand. We will draw up a contract that includes pricing, timetables, and delivery dates for all inspections.