Structural Inspection

We once worked for a young couple who had found what they believed was their “dream home.” They imagined they’d grow old together in this house, and the first inspection had turned up no red flags. We came in to do a structural inspection, and managed to save them from many years of heartache.

The front porch was nearly ready to collapse. It wasn’t a problem with rotting wood or insects. Nope, it was a purely structural problem, and their original inspector didn’t have the experience to see that it had been built badly. That porch was a disaster waiting to happen.

These are the kinds of problems we can identify with structural inspections. Some homes are built by inexperienced contractors who try to “make it work” when they don’t know what’s gone wrong. We can see whether the house’s integrity will hold up over time, and tell you whether it’s a sound investment for the years to come.

A regular home inspection covers everything but the structure. The wiring might be beautifully done, and there may be no leaks, no insects, and no roofing problems at all – but if the house itself is flimsily made, time will eventually tear it apart. You need to know you can rely on your home for the future.